A Few Pages A Day… or not?

Have you heard the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away…’? It’s a way to encourage people to eat their fruits and not indulge in simply consuming junk food. Well, this year, why don’t we also take up the opportunity to read more books. What are the benefits of reading so often? Firstly, […]

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Relationships, singleness

Living that Independent Life

Independent life consists of currently not being a relationship, entangled, situationship or even a confused and jumbled mess… haven’t we all been there. Often, within the Christian community, there is frustration at the men ‘not stepping up to the plate’. Women can feel as though a lot of the men have become complacent in deciding […]

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Kari Jobe – No Fear (Live)

Hello music lovers! Every so often you’ll come across an article where we feature a piece of music. Our specially selected song for this month is No Fear by Kari Jobe. The song is from her most recent album entitled The Blessing, which was released this year. With melodic sounds and the soft voice that […]

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beauty, Lifestyle & Beauty

Fenty Beauty Review

This review is somewhat late but hey, better late than never! Fenty Beauty is literally my go-to make up brand. It has some advantages and some areas for improvement. Keep reading to find out more! It all started in Harvey Nicholas, Kensington. I travelled on the tube to go and purchase the foundation, which was […]

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Mental Health and Lockdown

With growing talk about lockdown, it is important that we mentally prepare ourselves just in case it does happen. The hope is that it won’t but there is no harm in trying your best to prepare. Firstly, find activities that you can do which involve keeping fit and clearing your mind. A good idea might […]

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Qualities of a Great Friend

What are the qualities that make up a true friend? How can you be a great friend to others? First of all, think about the closest friend you have. What is it that makes them so special to you? For many people, loyalty is a fundamental part of a flourishing friendship; someone that you can […]

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