Starting out.

An online magazine where faith, theatre and music meet!

I started this online magazine because for a long time I’ve been wanting my photography
to get into a magazine but haven’t been making the steps for this to happen. After attending a mentoring session this evening, I decided it was time to step out in faith and make this happen. It gives me an excuse to take pictures but also share my thoughts during my Christian journey.

I will also be sharing some of the wonderful theatre shows that I have watched over the years and some of the music that I’m currently listening to. Hopefully, this online magazine becomes a source of encouragement for many and a place where you are able to relate to the different articles that will be coming out!

This will be my first attempt at an online magazine and I hope that, by God’s grace, it will become a great media outlet for many. It will be an interesting journey but I’m excited to see where God takes this!


New articles will be coming out once or twice a week but they will definitely be worth the read.

I also hope to have a few featured articles on here where I invite guest writers.