Why we should all journal


What comes to your mind when you hear that word?

I think of a way to get all of my thoughts out of my head and onto a piece of paper. Ever since I was little I have always kept a diary – there was only one period of my life where I didn’t journal for a few years and I’m not even sure why! I love to open a journal and read back on either the revelations I had, the worries or even just the thoughts I had on that day. I don’t journal every day (some people do which is amazing for them) I only do it when I feel the pressing need to.


There are so many advantages to journaling. In particular, the fact that you can take a look back at a situation in the past and realise how much God has been working on you. One of the greatest joys is looking back and seeing the growth or understanding that what you so desperately craved at the time was so far from what you needed. If you do have a journal, have you ever read it back and thought “what was I thinking?” The thought doesn’t come from a source of shame but rather a better understanding of the journey of growth that you were on.

There are a range of beautiful journals & pens that can be bought at various places. Some of our favourites here at Streams of Beauty Magazine are: PaperChase and Amazon.

If you haven’t ever journaled before and you want to start, it is recommended that you take small steps first. Start off by just recording how your day was, how you feel and possibly what season you are in, in your life. It is also helpful to record prayers because then you can look back and realise how many of them God answered. Don’t feel the need to write endless pages in one single entry – it is up to you how long or short your entry is. Mine are anywhere between four lines and four pages. It all depends on what you have to say and how much you want to record – your journal is for you!

Another tip that I have is to pray about what to write in your journal. If you want to journal but haven’t started, or if you are struggling to journal, it’s always a good idea to hand it over to the Lord. Ask Him to direct your thoughts with regards to what you should write down, ask Him to aid you so that you will know which things will be important for you to see again in the future. Sometimes, a bible verse will be all that is needed for a journal entry but then weeks down the line as you flick back you may see how the Holy Spirit has made that Bible verse so significant for that time!

Journaling is a wonderful process and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Streams of Beauty Magazine tips:

1) Pray

2) Use lots of beautiful pen colours to make it look pretty!

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