Friendships worth fighting for

What constitutes a true friend? 

There are so many avenues that you can delve down when it comes to look at the foundation of a solid and true friendship. Many of which, will be influenced by our own life experiences. What is it that makes us trust certain people instantly? What qualities do these people possess that makes others perceive them as someone they can rely on? 

This article will tell you what we think a good friend is but the list is certainly not extensive! If you can think of even more qualities and attributes that we have not mentioned then write them in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you! 🙂

1.   A friend is someone who loves you

Now this might seem obvious but i’m sure we have all encountered friendships where you questioned the level of love that was streaming through it. Where the compliments felt like insults and the encouragement didn’t feel…well… encouraging. For many of us, this is experienced the most during teenage years but for some people it, sadly, can be an experience in their adult life too. 

Your friends should love you, be patient with you and endure with you (1 Corinthians 13). They should care enough to pray for you, to give you a shoulder to weep on, they should celebrate when you are joyful and they should want to see you achieve your dreams. Their love for you will be evident through the fact that they make time for you! When I think about friendship, I can’t help but think about the love that Jesus had for His disciples – who He called friend (John 15:15). 

2. A friend is someone who wants to see you be successful

Your friends should be so supportive of your goals and aspirations (as long as they are sensible). Not only that, but true friends will be amongst your biggest supporters! If you’ve started a business they should be right behind you, pushing you to keep going when things get tough. Sure, they might not be able to buy anything at that stage in their lives (funds might be low) but they let you know that they support you. 

Furthermore, when you achieve something, whether big or small, your friends are very often the ones that can be heard screaming with excitement from miles away. Most, like myself, will couple that with a gigantic hug and the inability to remain calm. Seeing my friends achieve the goals they have set themselves is so amazing and each time one of them makes it I’m literally bursting with joy! 

3. A friend is someone who trusts you

Trust. This is so vital to every type of relationship we have in this world. Trust enables you to be your genuine self around the people you are with – if you trust others your most open to being vulnerable. This needs to be a two-way street in friendships; both you and your friend should trust each other. There is no way one of you is able to trust and the other one harbours all of their secrets and doesn’t share anything about themselves. Nope. That’s not on at all. Your friend should trust you enough to share parts of their life with you. And you should do the same for your friends. 

Now don’t get me wrong, NO ONE is saying to tell the whole world your secrets and tell every… single… friend… what you are going through. No babe. You can tell different people certain things, and sometimes you’ll have to keep things to yourself – it’s called wisdom and discernment. However, if you don’t trust someone to tell them anything about yourself that’s when your alarm bells should start ringing! 

4. A friend understands that you do not need to talk every second of the day

I’ll this one again for this of you at the back… You don’t need to talk every second of the day. A true friend will understand this completely! Life is busy, we have work, we have to cook and clean, we have families – there is not time to sit down on the phone ALL DAY just chatting. It’s not healthy or productive to do that – you should be chasing your dreams and doing the very things that God has laid on your heart. Gossiping on the phone all day will not lead to us being used as vessels for His glory! 

A friend will understand that sometimes life gets busy and sometimes we have to put the phone down and just deal with life. They will understand this – not belittle for it. As well as that, when you guys do speak it will literally feel as though you talk all the time anyway and you’ll have so much to catch up on! For some people this is a week, others a few days, some a month but either way you’re allowing each other to live! 

Let’s all go out and be amazing friends! 

Can you think of anymore to add to the list? Let us know in the comment section.