Open Me in 2019

The beginning of every year is often showered with goal-setting.

Everyone wants to be a better version of the person they were the previous year. Out with the old and in with the new! But very often, with this wave of determination, can come a cloud of disappointment as so many people in society feel that they have not met their goals… within the first three days of the year.

This is my reminder to say: change is a process!

It is okay if you don’t meet that goal by January 14th or even April 14th! Listen, when you commit to something just ensure that it is the will of God and then He will help you to meet that goal in His timing. There have been so many occasions where I really wanted to do something but in my own timing. It only led to frustration but overtime I just surrendered it to the Lord and told Him that He should lead me, it led to peace. Peace that no matter what – God has got me firmly in the palm of His hand.

I’ll encourage you to prayerfully make a vision board. This is a great way to visualise the goals that you aspire to achieve this year. As you go about making your vision board don’t be afraid to put big and small goals on there – never limit yourselves ladies.

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When you get to December 2019 you’ll be able to look back at the board and realise how much of it has happened. Remember you have a whole 365 days to achieve the goals that have been set on your vision board.

I’d also encourage you to start a prayer journal. This is something I did a little bit of in 2018 but am going to aim to do more in 2019. It is the most beautiful moment when you can read back on prayers you prayed in faith and see that God has answered them. May this year be a great year, with a continued intentionally to draw closer to God.

Happy New Year x

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