Will you be my valentine?

You guessed it, our love series led us all the way up to Valentines Day/Week!

This one is dedicated to all of you lovely people in relationships, those who are married and those who are single – i think that covers everyone. Yep, this post is for everyone.

As a young woman who has learned to embrace singleness, I feel the need to talk about it a little bit. Honesty is definitely the best policy and I think it’s important to explore the fact that there are times when, if you have been given the desire for marriage, it can be hard to just WAIT. As I have grown in maturity and my understanding that God has a time and season for everything, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty in waiting on God.

Now I know it sounds cliche but God really knows what’s best for us and He has already set out every day of our lives (Psalm 139:15-16). I listened to a sermon by Dr. Matthew Stevenson recently and he stated that “Your future is a memory to God, it’s like de-ja-vu, He’s been there already!” Isn’t that amazing?! That even before we were knitted together in our mother’s womb, God was concerned with every detail of our lives. He took the time to plan out what He wanted to help you fulfill in your life! God’s way is the best way and waiting on Him will make everything beautiful. We know God’s purposes for us when we are intentional about walking with Him, listening to Him and being obedient to His commands.

Marriage is a wonderful, precious gift from God and those who are in healthy, Christ-centred marriages will testify to that. They will also tell you that it isn’t easy – in order to have a healthy marriage you have to work at it! Society (especially social media) has created a facade that marriage is always rosy and filled with laughter. In fact, social media presents the WHOLE of life like that and we all know that just isn’t the case. Life is consumed with joy-filled moments but it also contains testing trials – the Bible tells us to count it all joy when we go through this (James 1:2)! My married and/or engaged friends often tell me that when you’re looking for a life partner it’s so important to know that the person you’re deciding to be with is who God has for you. That, that person is going to stay around during the more trying times but will also be your best friend that you can be yourself with. Godly counsel from married people is honestly the best – if you don’t yet have anyone who is married around you and you’re single, pray for them to come. I prayed about it years ago and God really did provide me with friends who are in or are entering God-given marriages. It helped me to take the focus off of myself and put it on God & waiting on Him.

This is also the case on the other end of the spectrum. Sometimes singleness is absolutely amazing – let me not lie – there are times when I’m living my best life! There have even been times that I’ve thanked God for keeping me single in that season because I needed to deal with certain things alone. If you view your singleness as an opportunity to grow closer to God and allow Him to use you for His glory, you will be so consumed with the matters of God that “lonely” moments will become less common. Now, if you’re single you know exactly what I mean by “lonely” moments. Streams of Beauty is an honest platform so let’s all be real here shall we? Ha! Those moments where you see happy couples or even cute little babies and ask God, “Umm… so Father, when is my own time coming?”

God hears, He sees and He knows the desires of your heart. BUT God has to stay first. We can’t become so consumed with our marital status that we neglect the Father – we have to keep Him at the centre of everything we do. Enjoy this journey with the Holy Spirit. Enjoy the gift of salvation (Ephesians 2:8-10). Enjoy your prayer time with God. Enjoy living for God and get to know Him more so that when you enter marriage you can continue to walk boldly, along side your spouse, with God as the centre of your life.

Darling, precious, beautiful, wonderful treasure that you are, I want you to understand that this Valentine’s Day whether you are single, in a relationship or married: God loves you! He loves you with an everlasting love that transcends any emotion you may feel. My advice to you, especially to those who are single and waiting, is to find JOY in the Lord. To enjoy this time of singleness and use it to your advantage. Every season in life is a blessing so see this season as a precious gift from God.

Happy Valentines Day! xx

Moments by Lianne