A Woman with a Purpose


Now I don’t know about you but this is a word that I see as carrying so much weight. You shouldn’t limit your purpose; nor should you step out of it. This post is a bit of encouragement that, as women, we should be intentional about striving for our goals. We should step out in faith and have the courage to be bold in pursuing the very desires that have been laid on our hearts.

There is something so mesmerisingly beautiful about a confident woman who is set on achieving the goals that God has laid on her heart. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it can be hard. Sometimes there are days when it won’t be easy and you may want to give up. But what is it that sets ‘a woman with a purpose’ apart from the rest? This woman that I’m talking about will face the storm and continue to walk with the intention of fulfilling the very thing she set out to complete.

There may be challenges that you have to face at work in order to progress to the next level but those challenges are there to help you grow. The Bible says that we should count it as joy when we go through various trials (James 1:2) and that God works all things out for our good (Romans 8:28). Therefore, the bridges to success are not to be frowned upon but we should aspire to look at them with eyes of expectation. Yes, there is a bridge in front of me, but if I keep walking eventually I will get to the other side! And if that bridge is made of ropes and is 60ft up in the air – it’s the same principle only that you may have to walk a little bit slower to get to your destination (the other side of the bridge).

Another point I’m going to make is that a woman with a purpose makes an intentional effort to nuture her hobbies and talents. Regardless of whether you think that hobby or talent isn’t that major – nurturing it and working on it can allow God to use it for His glory! Can you sing? Join a choir! Do you love photography? Take pictures wherever you go! Do you love to write? Start writing in journals until you’re ready to make it public! I’ve been reminded so much in the past couple of weeks that our talents and skills are not just for us but we have them so that others can be blessed by them.

I’m also reading an amazing book at the moment called Discover and Pursue God’s Purpose for Your Life by Craig Groeschel. There are literally so many moments in this book where I have laughed out loud and then proceeded to take down notes. Groeschel is very funny but he also very certain that the reason why we need to identify our purpose, is so that we can live to its best potential, for God’s glory. I love that he keeps pointing the attention back to Christ.

When you are a woman with a purpose there is also a sense of confidence that comes with that. You become someone who is loving but also not willing to stand there and waste time. Others will also recognise this value in you – that you get the job done or you at least are willing to try and get the job done. Walking through life as a woman with a purpose is an attractive trait and you will end up attracting like-minded people.

The book I mentioned.
Moments by Lianne