Awesome photography spots in London (Part I)

Sometimes, I’ll go on photography outings with some of my friends. There are times when we know where we are going and there are other times where we are just venturing aimlessly until we spot something eye-catching.

Having done this for a few years, there are definitely a few places I can recommend for amazing photography opportunities. I should mention that my interest is mainly in landscape and urban photography, although the places I mention within this post can also create a nice backdrop for those of you who are more inclined towards portrait photography. I will also incorporate some of the pictures that I have taken within these different places.

Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace is on a hill so it is great place to take pictures of the view of London. There is also a park on the hill where you can take pictures of flowers, a lake if you want to take pictures of wildlife and even a skateboard park if you want to take pictures there too!

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is known for its beautiful houses. If you find carefully chosen colour schemes and pastel colours aesthetically pleasing then this is definitely the place for you!

The London Underground & Oxford Street

Now this might seem like a rather strange suggestion but taking pictures on the London Underground is a great way to practice your timing skills in photography. I remember standing in a station with my friend waiting for the trains to pass so that I could get the best picture possible of a moving train.

Taken on my phone in Oxford Street

Brixton Market

Brixton is vibrant and bursting with life. Very often, you will feel the cultural aspect of Brixton as soon as you come out of the station. Sadly, though, it has lots some of the culture in some parts but hopefully it doesn’t change anymore. The food sellers are more that willing to let you take pictures as long as you ask nicely!

I hope this helps you to find more places to take pictures. So what are you waiting for… pick up your camera and go venture into the streets of London! More suggests will be coming soon in Part II.

Feel free to share any other places in the comments section!

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