Blessed by God

Recently, I’ve been thinking about blessings and how God blesses us with the things that He knows we need.

Matthew 6:33 (NLT) says ‘Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.’

Notice that the verse says we have to seek God above everything else – anything we have in our lives should come after Him. Even ourselves – that’s why we have to surrender ourselves to His will daily and keep God first in our lives. I dread to think of what life would be like without the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

When we seek God and rely on Him for everything then there is a promise attached to it: He will give us everything we need. Not everything we want, but everything that we need. This is where we have to trust the Father in knowing best and trust that He knows our needs. I’m going to be honest and say in my human nature, that is sometimes easier said than done. How many times have you asked God for something and then instead of giving you what you wanted He gave you something else. Too many times? Yep, me too!

At first, it filled me with hurt because I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting what I had ASKED for but was being blessed in many different areas of my life. I kept questioning what God was doing – why did you bless me with this thing but not that thing? Let’s just say I had to catch myself pretty quickly. By quickly I mean a few days but we serve a gracious and merciful God. Matthew 6:33 is now one of my favourite verses in the Bible and it made me understand – God knows our beginning from our end and therefore He knows how to bless us and which blessings we need at a particular time. We should be grateful for all of the blessings He gives us and still say thank you if he hasn’t blessed us with the thing we asked for in our own timing – it is for your protection.

I’ve also realised that sometimes the very things we pray for may not come immediately but they will come when Jesus knows it’s the best time to receive them. There have been so many occasions where I’ve prayed for God to bless me with something NOW but not receive it until a while later (sometimes days, sometimes months, sometimes a year or more). But when the blessing comes much later I am so grateful that God didn’t give it to me when I thought the timing was right. Rather, He gave me what I asked for, in faith, in His perfect time!

As a result, this has changed my prayer life ever so slightly. I still tell God what I want as we have our conversations, He knows already but He loves when we are our true selves with Him. However, I don’t (as I once did) demand that I MUST have what I’m asking for. I’ll pray and fast for the things I believe He has placed on my heart BUT I also have given God full permission to bless me in the way He sees fit. So now it’s more a case of “I would like this Jesus but only give it to me if it is in line with your will for my life.”

Moments by Lianne