Practical Tips for Working from Home

Currently, across the world, if you are not a key worker (someone who must leave the house to work) the chances are you are being made to work from home. It even feels weird to type that, but it is the new reality for a lot of people.

As someone who has never worked from home before (and who will be working on-site on a rotation basis) I have come up with a few tips to work effectively from the confines of your own humble abode. These are things that have worked for me in the past week and a half and I hope they will work for you too!

Start your day early

Start your day in the way you normally would. Rise early for work, go in the bathroom and get your planner out. Pray, ask God what He would have you do today and read the bible.

With this extra time, and if you’re in the UK where you are permitted one hour exercise a day, you have a chance to exercise at the start of your day. Why not go for a quick morning jog around the block?

Then you can put on some comfy clothes once you get home, sign in to work and prepare your breakfast and hot drink.

Starting the day early has helped me to trick myself into feeling like I’m going to the workplace. The only thing is I don’t have the 30 minute commute to match it. That extra time you have could be used for so many different things!

Be healthy

Working from home means that you have ample opportunity to snack!

It is important to remember, though, that what you eat can impact how productive you are. Stocking up on fruits and vegetables will not only make you feel better but it will keep your immune system strong during this time.

Drink plenty of water too – this will help your body AND is super beneficial for your skin too.

Have a clear working area

I cannot emphasise this enough.

Distractions can be very real and if you aren’t intentional about having a clear working environment then it can mean you end up getting distracted very quickly. I had to work on my balcony some days to prevent myself from not focusing – this was okay thankfully as God had blessed us with some sunshine. If you have a garden, it might be worth working out there if the weather permits it.

If you don’t have those options then just clearing a space wherever you can is also useful.

Take breaks

Let’s not pretend – sitting in the same spot for endless hours can become somewhat arduous.

Taking breaks for a few minutes every hour or couple of hours can help you to concentrate. You might want to do some stretches for a bit (my particular favourite) and work on your flexibility. You might want to go and get a snack. You might want to talk to a friend. By the time you come back from your break, you will find that you will be more energised than before.

Spend more time with God

We have more time to actually spend in the presence of God. Spend time in His word, reading the Bible and singing worship songs to God.

Ask God what he would have you do and what He would like you to pray for. Spend time in the secret place actually listening to the Holy Spirit.

Most of all, be blessed & stay safe x

Streams of Beauty