Flowers as Decor

I absolutely love seeing flowers being used as part of the interior design within a house. My pollen allergies mean that I can’t have real flowers all over the humble abode in which I reside, so alas I settle for fake ones. They look just as pretty and guess what, they last forever as long as you dust them and take care of them.

Flowers can really brighten up a room and create a happier feel. They are also a staple piece in the minimalist housing designs – a favourite!

Creating a warm feel to the house you are staying it, it can make it a much nicer place to walk into after a long day at work. That’s assuming you work outside of the house. If you are working indoors, they are a wonderful accompaniment to the working area that you may have set up.

I would definitely suggest flowers that are bright colours: oranges, yellows, pastel pinks, vibrant purples and blues. White and red roses are also beautiful.

The types of flowers you buy depend on the design within your house or office. You don’t want to have big, bold flowers in the middle of a room that is already very busy. Adding to that, if your room has a very minimal feel with brighter colours a simpler plant would suit it well.

Green plants often look really nice in an all white room or a room with neutral colours. It adds a small drop of colour and vibrancy, whilst maintaining the atmosphere the designer/decorator was originally trying to achieve.

The best way to decide which types of plant you want to get is to shop around. I would also highly recommend looking at different interior designs with plants on Pinterest as this will enable you to have a better insight into what it might look like before you buy. This will avoid having to return items or just having a plant you don’t actually like (assuming your buying a plant that lasts a long time or fake ones).

Another approach, is having a larger plant next to a smaller one. This is so easy on the eye and colour can be added through the design of the plant pots that are used. A white and black plant pot with a gold rim is perfectly complimented by an all gold plant pot.

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