A Whole New Classroom Set Up

Phone calls home, online learning, marking online, 2 metres away in the classroom, staying within your bubble and staggered starts…

Life in school is significantly different to anything I have experienced before. If I’m honest, I thought that it would be harder to adapt to this new way of life; particularly for the children. But many students have managed to adapt well to the changes with life.

Phone calls home have been a way for teachers to stay in touch with the parents of their pupils. It is a way to ensure that they are completing the work that has been set online whilst taking the opportunity to also check on the mental wellbeing of each child.

The phone calls were a great way to stay in touch with the families of the students you may have taught since September. Technology has allowed people to be able to keep in contact with the families of the children they teach to ensure that they are all safe and doing well.

The new classroom set up is very strange indeed but it ensures the safety of the students and you as a teacher. The Department for Education Guidance states that only a maximum of 15 students can be in each class whilst sitting on individual desks, which are 2 metres apart.

The guidelines are beginning to ease and there are talks about reducing the social distancing measures to 1 metre rather than two. This will allow for more children in the classroom whilst paving the way for smaller businesses to open. How do teachers feel about potentially having more students in their classroom?

Anyone else feel like, for now, the best route is to take each new policy one day at a time?

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