More Than Pretty – A Review

The You Version Bible App More Thank Pretty by Erica Campbell is definitely a plan I’d recommend. It is a 5 day plan with effectiveness and life-changing insights.

I knew Erica Campbell from the days in which she was a singer in MaryMary – you know the famous song Shackles? Yep, that was her and her sister! When I saw that she had a plan on the You Version Bible App that was about beauty I had to read it and I’m so glad I did.

Within the devotional, she gives insight into where our beauty comes from and what it truly means to be beautiful. Unpicking the standard of ‘pretty’, we see that much of the perceptions and values placed on us by the world are not worth the time and hassle that so many of us give to it, whether it be willingly or unwillingly.

Very often, especially during the teenage years, we can end up having a warped view of what it means to be stunning. It can be easier at times to follow the crowd rather than to stand up for what you believe. For some, the formation of this mentality can impact their understanding of themselves in adult. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people have to redefine their identity when they reach their early twenties. As Christians, that redefining comes from the word; it is an understanding that you are now set apart from the world and so should look different to the world.

One thing that was engaging and super helpful was the way Erica used the Bible to explain what God word says about us. The word confirms who we are and what it means to be a daughter of God… to be a loved and cherished child of God!

She touches on outer and inner beauty. It is great that she also writes about outer beauty as this can be an area, as women, that we pay a lot of attention to. Many women can be extremely critical of their own outward appearance but you have to understand that you were moulded together in your mother’s womb by God. God made you beautiful.

I’d recommend this plan to everyone: those who may be struggling with identifying who God says they are, those who seem to have some understanding and those who think they already know. There is something for everyone to learn here. Engage with the scriptures and allow God to reveal more to you about what makes you beautiful. Allow Him to show you what true beauty really is.

Streams of Beauty