Prayer Changes Things

Prayer is so important.

Prayer requires intentionality.

Why did I start this article with those two sentences? Well, it’s the truth.

In order for things to shift in the situation you are in, it has to be handed over to God for Him to help you. Pray and worship your way through whatever circumstance you may be in. God is Your Heavenly Father and He always will be.

In the Bible, we see so many examples where Jesus shows us how we should have a continuous posture of prayer (………..). If you struggle to set time aside to pray, ask God to help you to be more intentional – only He can help you to make a way. My personal advice is to not try and do it in your own strength, that could be difficult. God is willing to help you seek Him more, so why not just ask him?

Prayer can change all of the situations that the world is facing. On our instagram page we sometimes share a Prayer for the day which focuses on a particular theme.

Sometimes though it can be a struggle to wake up and intentionally set time aside to pray. It can be a struggle when the demands of life are tugging away at you, commanding your attention and then before you know it, you’re having dinner and getting ready to go to bed. I understand. I had to learn how to be intentional in other ways, whether it was praying in the car as I drove to work (looking like I’m crazy and talking to myself to the outside world but knowing that God is renewing my heart in the process) or even taking random short moments throughout the day to pray.

Do you have any tips that you would like to share about how we can be intentional in praying?

Let’s encourage each other!

Image in header by Photo by Hudson Hintze on Unsplash

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