White with a Touch of Wood

Decor and Interior Design…

What exactly does that mean?

Here we will be exploring the beauty in different designs and the simplistic approaches that can have so much impact on the eye. Aesthetically pleasing designs are always the best ones.

Let’s start of with a touch of whites and creams.

This look is gorgeous and one of the key elements that caught my eye was the vinyl record player – it adds a cute retro feel to the living room. The wooden legs of the coffee table help to widen out the space of the room and the whites help to make the room appear bigger than it is. The colour co-ordination between the tray and the coffee table with the added contrast of the browns are a lovely touch to this room.

This minimalist area of the living area is stunning. The shelves are deliberately misplaced to create a rather different effect that most shelves. This brings a bit of vibrancy to the otherwise empty space. The holder for the plant is lovely and it works well with the white fluffy rug on the floor.

I’m love this whole look! It gives great country vibes with the staple wooden shutters which are mount on the wall by the window.

The lamp shade gives the effect of an oil lamp or a lantern. Along with the shutters, it is definitely one of the staple pieces in the room.

The different colours of wood also create a relaxing feel, somewhere that can be called home, a place where guests would be comfortable. Another touch to add to the homely feel is the rather interesting table cloth which looks as though it could be a winter scarf.

Photo credit: Ian Dooley, Hutomo Abrianto and Camylla Battani courtesy of Unsplash

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