Qualities of a Great Friend

What are the qualities that make up a true friend? How can you be a great friend to others?

First of all, think about the closest friend you have. What is it that makes them so special to you?

For many people, loyalty is a fundamental part of a flourishing friendship; someone that you can share your thoughts and feelings with without it being revealed to the world ten minutes later. Loyalty and trust go hand-in-hand with friendship and it is vital that both parties know that they can trust each other. Friendships allow you to have a safe space to share information with each other without having to worry that they will tell others, and they won’t need to worry that you will tell other people their business either.

Secondly, a person who won’t condemn or judge you based on your past mistakes, won’t constantly bring up your wrongdoings but will give you the room and the support that you need to grow and develop into a better person. Any ‘friend’ who continuously reminds you of mistakes you have made in the past, may need to be held at arms length – unless they are only reminding you once in a while to prevent you from making the same mistakes over and over again. Accountability is good, igniting shame is not. Telling a friend about something you are upset about with the understanding that they won’t hold it against you is freeing. Everyone should have someone they can turn to like this – if you don’t currently have that, pray for the person to come. God hears.

A further quality of a great friend is someone who will support you. Now, support to this generation means spending money on a business idea you have or sharing your posts continuously. Actually, no. This pressure should not be put onto your friends, they are not your customers or your sales team, they are your friends. Support can come in the form of an encouraging word, a clap and a cheer or even just a word of support every now and again. Sharing your posts for support is good and should happen with friends but don’t let it impact your friendship negatively if you find that a friend hasn’t shared your post or bought your latest product. Allow your support network to be exactly that – a network of people who support you in different ways.

A way that you can be a supportive friend is to be present. Friendships are a a two-way street and it is important that you are a listening ear to your friends when they need it and that they listen to you when you may require them to. Be present and check in on your friends, pray for them and send them a word of encouragement whenever you can. Remind people that they are special and loved. Remind your friends that you are present and you care.

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