Fenty Beauty Review

This review is somewhat late but hey, better late than never!

Fenty Beauty is literally my go-to make up brand. It has some advantages and some areas for improvement. Keep reading to find out more!

It all started in Harvey Nicholas, Kensington. I travelled on the tube to go and purchase the foundation, which was Fenty Beauty (shade 410 to be precise). Excitement trickling through my veins because Rihanna because had released over 40 shades of foundation and one of them was bound to match my skin colour – a struggle for many black and asian women but we shall talk about that another day. Back to the story…

I strolled up the escalator and purchased my shade. I didn’t need the beautician to conduct a shade test – I had already figured out my shade at home using the online chart!

Back in the house, I tried Fenty foundation for the first time. Was the craze that is still present to this day worth it?

The foundation gives a good coverage, it isn’t too light and it isn’t too heavy. If you prefer to have very heavy make up this probably isn’t the brand for you but I like to wear foundation which gives a more natural look. For even coverage, using a beauty blender or a good foundation brush will have your skin looking silky smooth.

Does it last all day? The foundation lasts the whole day and has well and truly passed the long shift at work test! There is no need to top up, but you might want to if you’re then going to go for an evening out.

What if I have oily skin? Fenty foundation is mattifying, which makes it perfect for us ladies with oily skin, or even those with combination skin. I can’t really speak for those with dry skin unfortunately. There is also a mattifying powder in the Fenty range, which could be used if your skin does become oily during the course of the day. It’s like they thought of everything!

Coverage: Average

Price: £27.00

Verdict: The affordability of this foundation, along with the fact that it is available in over 40 shades makes this a must-have! For those who love full coverage, you may need to steer clear or even wear two coatings of this luscious foundation. But for those of you who love light to medium coverage, this is definitely the brand for you! My final verdict? Buy it!

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