A Few Pages A Day… or not?

Have you heard the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away…’? It’s a way to encourage people to eat their fruits and not indulge in simply consuming junk food.

Well, this year, why don’t we also take up the opportunity to read more books.

What are the benefits of reading so often?

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Firstly, reading allows you to expand your vocabulary. This means that you will be able to engage in conversations with a wider range of people from a more diverse range of backgrounds – that is of course, if you try to vary what you read. Picking up books by different authors can ensure that you are exposed to the vocabulary they use. Personally, the word ‘guffawed’ appeared in two books I’ve read recently and it means to laugh loudly and heartily. It’s a lot more joyful than simply laughing even though the word itself doesn’t sound like it.

Another benefit of reading is that it increases your reading speed so that you can get through books quicker. Now, I don’t know if this scientifically proven but it has been the case for many people, especially if the book is a good one. You can find yourself whizzing through the pages at such a fast speed simply because you are engrossed by what the reader is saying. Very often, people don’t like reading; sometimes there isn’t enough time for them too or they tend to find it ‘boring’. Maybe, just maybe, it’s because they haven’t found the right book.

After a while, if you have the right book, the words on the page turn into pictures in your mind. Reading can get to the stage where your eyes are following the words but your mind is creating a visual movie. This might not happen to everyone but it gets to the point where turning a page becomes second-nature and it’s as if you are in a cinema or sitting in front of the TV. Have you ever had those moments when you try to call someone who is reading and it’s as if they’ve been transported to another world because they just aren’t responding? They’re so consumed with the story they’re reading that their surroundings becomes null and void!

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Reason number four is a very simple one. Sorry but have you BEEN to a book shop recently?! Or ever?! Walking into a bookshop can be like walking into a sweet store or a car showroom – it’s exciting! As you walk around and gaze at all of the glimmering front covers with well thought-out illustrations. Then one catches your eye, you walk over and read the blurb. It’s like selecting a movie or series to watch on Netflix – the blurb is the trailer.

So, if you get a chance to read. Then read a book but make sure it’s one that you actually liked the ‘trailer’ for otherwise it won’t be much fun at all. Once you see a blurb you like, take your time and enjoy the new literary adventure that you are about to embark on.

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