Chase Your Dreams!

This week I’m going to be giving some encouragement with regards to chasing your dreams. By this, I mean actually stepping out and going places or doing things to get closer to achieving the aspirations that you have. The Bible states that faith without works is dead (James 2:26) and so even if we don’t […]

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Love and Singleness

This post is to encourage single women to live purposefully and have Jesus at the focus of everything they do. As we become intentional in seeking after God, it becomes a lifestyle and then it is the greatest way to enter into a marriage. Also, when God is at the centre of everything you do, […]

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The Standard of Love

What should love look like? Relationships play a fundamental role in all societies. If, like me, you like to watch animal documentaries, you will see very quickly that relationships form a vital part in the functioning of all living creatures too. A pack of wolves will work together to catch their prey and they will […]

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A Heart Found Beauty

There are so many standards of beauty that are set by society that at times it can be so easy to lose track of the true definition of beauty. What sets Christian women apart and makes them stunning? The inside. It should be the incorruptible beauty that marinates your heart that seeps through to the […]

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